Colour isn’t always the best indicator of ripeness. A red mango doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ripe.

The best way to test the ripe mango is to give soft and gentle squeeze in middle.

At the time, Ripe Mangoes have sweet and fruity aroma at the end of ripening process.

Mangoes are available in different varieties in the different market. It could have different sizes and geographical taste.

The fruits are the natural products which could be chosen from different trees and geographical locations. We process them to give the same taste as you get from the tree. It could damage the fruit skin if we taste each and every piece during packaging time. So, we only can sustain or maximize the standard of quality.


        • We let the mangoes ripe naturally or use ethylene gas (Causes no harm to our body) that maintains the natural sweetness and amazing aroma of the fruit.
        • Our mangoes are handpicked by experienced pickers who have been doing their jobs for over a decade.
        • We’re no “fly by night” company, Our team has been providing the best quality mangoes for more than 5 years now.
        • We have expert graders and packers who are the best in the business.
        • We are continuously making efforts to know what our customer wants and try to refine our ways to best suit their needs.
        • Our mangoes are of supreme quality with rich aroma and natural sweetness that would quench your desires.
        • We are more than happy to offer advice and answer your mango related queries – even if you don’t buy anything from us.
 We work day in – day out to provide our loving customers with the best quality mangoes while serving the society by providing a source of regular income to our hard working farmers.