We are in the fruits ripening business more than 5 years. Our Mango product is based from Sosiya (Bhavnagar District), also from other local villages in Bhavnagar District. We also covers some areas in Junagadh and Amreli districts.

We supplies Mango in bulk quantity to retail business owners and direct consumers in all over districts in Gujarat as per available of convenient transportation. We also take orders from other states for bulk supply to wholesale dealers.

We have privilege customers from popular cities includes Ahmadabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surat and Mumbai.

The process of leading market distributers of Mango derived from ideas, quality maintains, experienced staff and valued customers.


Take the products in International markets with the effect of making healthy society with basic awareness of having carbide free fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, at the same time motivate and appreciate the job done by farmers.


Keep available Carbide free mango and its relevant products in all season.